Why Should Our Bodies End at the Skin? Enacting Cyborg Performance

     Authors: Aurie Hsu and Steven Kemper
     Publication: Proceedings of the Ammerman Center for Arts & Technology 16th Biennial Symposium INTERSECTIONS, February 15-17, 2018, pp.
                          34-36. New London, CT.

Listening to the City: Community Research and Action through Sound and Story (contributor)
     Publication: Listening to the City Handbook, MIT Colab, April 2, 2018, Cambridge, MA.  

Kinesonic approaches to mapping movement and music with the remote electroacoustic kinesthetic sensing (RAKS) system 
     Authors: Aurie Hsu and Steven Kemper
     Publication: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Movement and Computing, Vancouver, Canada, August 14-15, 2015, pp. 45-                                   47.  New York, NY: ACM.  

Kinesonic Composition as Choreographed Sound: Composing Gesture in Sensor-Based Music
     Authors: Aurie Hsu and Steven Kemper
     Publication: ICMC 2015Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference

Read a publication on performance using an early version of the RAKS system