music box (2018)

Instrumentation: prepared Wurlitzer student piano, sound exciters, and electronics

Duration: 6'

Program Notes

I have always been entranced by the mechanical systems of acoustic pianos – the hammers striking and damping the strings, the vibration of strings when actuated, and the pedal mechanisms. These actions serve as a backdrop for a guided improvisation that combines sound exciters on piano strings, amplified inside-piano sounds, recordings of mechanical sound sources, and live electronics.  A very special thanks to Kyle Hartzell for generously loaning his Wurlitzer Student Butterfly piano for this piece. 

NJDAC (New Jersey Digital Audio Concert) - New Brunswick, NJ, 10/21/2018
SPLICE II Festival - Bowling Green, OH, 11/10/2018
Oberlin TIMARA Faculty Concert - Fairchild Chapel, Oberlin, OH, 2/23/2018