media solo

choreographers: Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp, Alysia Woodruff for inFlux Dance

Sugar Space, Salt Lake City, Utah, 9/23-9/25/2010

Program Note
Media solo is part of an evening length multi-media piece, justice for some.  The choreographers, Rose Beauchamp and Alysia Woodruff, explore themes of protest and oppression by the media.  The collaged sounds include overlapping static, buzzy-EBowed guitar samples, noise and glitch elements, machine samples, and a juxtaposition of contrasting textures.  I include competing rhythmic textures in the foreground and background, and the layers create continuous activity with little repose and relief.  


6/27/14: Somerville Arts Council Dance Festival - Somerville, MA

6/12-6/19/11: Montreal Fringe Festival - Montréal QC, Canada

6/11/11: Brolly Arts Presents - Rowland Hall, St. Mark’s School - Salt Lake City, UT

2/6/11: Helms Theater, Charlottesville, VA

9/23-9/25/10: Sugar Space, Salt Lake City, UT