lullaby for morning

Instrumentation: prepared piano and fixed media

Duration: 6'30"

Program Notes

Lullabies suspend us between waking and sleeping. They bring the possibility of a dream state, an ethereal experience that blends presence, the subconscious, illusion, and imagination. They calm worries and tension with the hope of revitalization. In Lullaby for Morning, the prepared and inside-piano sounds evoke this experience of being in- between states. The sounds are both familiar and unfamiliar, recognizable and unrecognizable. The electronic part, processed versions of prepared piano samples, extends the timbral palette of the acoustic piano. Lullaby for Morning is based loosely on the progression from sorrow to silence, then to song.

Oberlin Records: Toward the Curve, a CD of music for piano and electronics.  Pianist: Thomas Rosenkranz.  Release Date: 5/2015

Cultural Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH, Brianna Matzke, piano,  10/29/2016
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, Aurie Hsu, piano, 10/25/2016
Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) National Conference, Listening Room, Blacksburg, VA, 3/26-3/28/2015