Instrumentation: prepared piano and fixed media

Duration: 7'

Program Notes

(in)visible is based on a set of improvisations for inside and prepared piano that reflects on the following: sleepwalk motion, beauty in unity, echoes, spinning, an invisible dancer, mystic chords, protest rhythms, and sympathetic tones. Hidden rhythms and sonorities emerge from the resonances of actions such as mallets on bolts, buzzing washers, ping pongs, harmonics, and an ebow. The electronic part is constructed using these rhythms and sonorities, which in turn influence elements of the acoustic piano part.

Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA, 11/3/2018
NJDAC, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ, 10/1/2017
Faculty Composers Concert, Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin, OH, 2/17/2017